Thursday, February 25, 2016

ACX at Aksarben Cinema

On March 25th of this year, Batman and Superman will face-off in Batman v. Superman:
Dawn of Justice, and you will want to be there. I guarantee it. For an epic showdown like this though you’ll want the best sound and video quality available at Aksarben Cinema. Allow me to introduce you to our state-of-the-art entertainment system we fondly refer to as ACX or the Aksarben Cinema Experience.

Daily we get calls about those three letters that appear next to our featured movies. Some wonder if it has to do with 3D viewing or some other special screening, but it’s actually quite simple. The Aksarben Cinema Experience is featured in Theater 4, which is our largest theater. The theater contains an oversized, wall-to-wall screen, custom immersive sound system, MDI bright screen technology, and is simply Omaha’s premiere viewing experience.

If you’re not tech savvy and all that sounds like a bunch of nonsense, don’t worry. All of these important elements ensure that our patrons receive the best quality cinematic experience. So next time you want to see a film on the biggest screen possible at our cinema, then you need to ask if it’s playing in number 4 or look for those three big letters: ACX, the Aksarben Cinema Experience.

The following films will be played in the ACX format later this year: 
10 Cloverfield Lane (March 11), The Jungle Book (April 15), Captain America: Civil War (May 6), X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27), Finding Dory (June 17), Ghostbusters (July 15), Star Trek Beyond (July 22), Suicide Squad (August 5). 

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