Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aksarben Cinema Rewards

“You know, I've had more rewarding friendships than this one.  Although I do get to keep telling the same jokes.”
-Teddy in Memento

Rewarding Friendship

Aksarben Cinema is the best friend you never had. Not only does this Omaha theatre show the best movies, but it also rewards guests with amazing concessions after they collect reward points. Reward points are accumulated by purchasing admission to one of the many Hollywood hits at Aksarben Cinema. This will most definitely be the most rewarding friendship you've ever had.

A Tradition of Giving

Aksarben Cinema is consistently donating to organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the American Lung Association. Luckily for frequent patrons of Aksarben Cinema, the generosity doesn’t stop at organizations in need. With the Aksarben Cinema Rewards Program audiences can partake in delicious snacks and drinks throughout the year.

Simply walk up to the box office and visit with a staff member. Tell that individual you are interested in the Aksarben Cinema Rewards Program and you will then receive an Aksarben Cinema Rewards card that can be used immediately. With each admission you purchase, you will receive 20 POINTS on your card. That’s only 80 easy points until you find yourself with a small pop or popcorn, free of charge! Check out all the awesome potential rewards that are in store for you when you get this card:

      100 - Small Pop or Popcorn
      200 - $5 Voucher Good at the Concession Stand or Café
      300 - Medium Pop or Popcorn
      400 - $5 Voucher Good at the Concession Stand or Café
      500 - Pretzel
      600 - Hot Dog
      700 - Regular Nacho
      800 - $5 Voucher Good at the Concession Stand or Café
      900 - #1 Combo

Whether you are a movie lover who prefers to go solo or you have a large family, this card is for you! Now you may be wondering what the limitations of this card are considering many rewards cards have limitations. The answer: There are hardly any!

Limitations: You must be 13 or older to receive the Rewards card, you cannot work for or have an immediate family member who works for Aksarben Cinema, free admission rewards vouchers are not redeemable for "No Pass" or "NP" engagements, and management reserves the right to change or discontinue the Aksarben Cinema Rewards program without notice or liability at any time.

For more information check out the Aksarben Cinema Rewards Program online and don’t miss all the new movies at Aksarben Cinema!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Aksarben Cinema Honors Educators

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.”

-Adam Sandler in Billy Madison

While some parents, teachers, and students may dread those three little words, “back to school,” some of us can’t help but smile thinking back to the lovable man child played by Adam Sandler in 1995’s Billy Madison.

Aksarben Cinema proved last Wednesday that they’re “no fools” because the theater announced a new discount which will provide educators with up to $2.00 off their ticket price. This discount further shows that Aksarben Cinema cares about these devoted individuals by not having the discount featured just once a week, but every single day.

The teacher discount was recommended by a customer because Aksarben Cinema already has a discount for students, but never before has featured one for teachers. Even more exciting than the announcement of this discount is the list of who all is included.

  *   Faculty or staff  of an accredited primary or secondary school, public or private university or college, or school district

  *   A teacher of a home schooled student

All these generous people need to do is show their school identification at the box office to receive the discount.

Aksarben Cinema Rewards

If that wasn’t enough, Aksarben Cinema tickets purchased by teachers are still eligible for the Aksarben Cinema Rewards program. For every ticket that is purchased you will receive 20 points. These points can be redeemed for free pop, popcorn, and other concession items. Aksarben Cinema takes care of Omaha teachers better than any theater in the city as evidenced by all of these amazing deals!

Book Clubs

Aksarben Cinema isn't simply devoted to academics with the introduction of this new discount.  Aksarben Cinema is also partnering with The Bookworm, an independent, family-owned bookstore for a Young Adult Book Club which featured the modern classic, The Giver. At a recent event, participants discussed the book and then watched the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s book. The Young Adult Book Club will meet next to discuss The Maze Runner.

There is also a Senior Book Club that will be meeting to discuss upcoming releases This Is Where I Leave You and Gone Girl. Check out Aksarben Cinema on Facebook for more information!

Education is obviously a priority for Aksarben Cinema with wonderful discounts and opportunities to enjoy a good book before seeing the movie. “Back to school” is now a phrase that rings with excitement thanks to Aksarben Cinema!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Love is in the Air at Aksarben Cinema

Love is in the air at Aksarben Cinema! Omaha’s favorite movie theatre has you covered on date night with incredible deals on movie tickets, food and drinks. The selection is excellent at Aksarben Café located inside this gorgeous cinema and guests will easily find something to satisfy their taste buds.

Food and Drink Choices
  •    Try Aksarben Cinema’s new cheeseburgers, grilled chicken, salads or old favorites such as pizza, fried green beans, chicken strips, and mozzarella sticks.
  •    For a tasty treat enjoy the plentiful options including ice cream, shakes, fresh baked cookies, and fruit and veggie cups.
  •      Don’t forget about The Bar! Aksarben Cinema has a full-service bar featuring beers, liquors, wine, frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris.

All of these refreshments can be taken inside the theatre with you while you enjoy one of Aksarben Cinema’s fine films. Also, make sure to take advantage of their cross-promotion with Dudley’s Pizza & Tavern: Show your ticket stub and get $3.00 off a medium or large pizza. The best films in Omaha deserve to be featured with delicious pizza from Dudley’s.

Call the Babysitter

Is that enough to make you call the babysitter? If not, then a reminder that Aksarben Cinema offers $5.00 movies all day on Tuesday will likely push you over the edge. The deal also features $2.00 hot dogs, pop, popcorn, and $3.00 Bud Light.

Enchant your special someone tonight with great food and fun at Aksarben Cinema. There is no better date than dinner and a movie, whether it is your first date or a long anticipated night away from home. The best theatre just got better!

Monday, August 4, 2014

$5 Tuesdays

Tuesday will be your new favorite day.

Every Tuesday Aksarben Cinema offers films for $5.00 all day (excluding 3D films which will be shown for the equally exciting $7.50 price). This promotional offer is an incredible deal considering Aksarben Cinema already offers some pretty impressive snack deals on Tuesdays including:

·     $2.00 hot dogs
·     $2.00 small sodas
·     $2.00 small popcorn

For those over age 21 there are also $3.00 Bud Lights to quench your thirst after a long day of work. It just doesn't get much better than that. 
Besides, if you consider what $5 buys nowadays, it's easy to see how hours of entertainment in a ridiculously comfortable, state-of-the-art movie theater is a heck of a deal for the price.

Timing is everything

This promotion comes at the perfect time as Marvel recently released their latest blockbuster, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The new film stars Chris Pratt as Star Lord - at least that's what he likes to call himself - and a group of outcasts including a wise-cracking raccoon named Rocket, a talking tree with a limited vocabulary, a dry-humored literalist known as Drax the Destroyer, and the aggressive beauty, Gamora.

With the best snacks to keep your taste buds occupied while you marvel at the sheer spectacle of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Aksarben Cinema's
Tuesday deals don't disappoint.

If space isn't your place then consider checking out any of the many other films available for viewing at Aksarben Cinema. Check out the schedule here.
Tuesdays: Your new favorite day
If you have $5 in your pocket and appreciate watching movies in a movie theater that can only be described as magnificently modern, mark your calendar for Aksarben Cinema's $5 Tuesdays.